Never Miss Your Favourite Programmes with a 19-inch TV DVD Player.

Ideal for use anywhere in the home, 19-inch TV DVD players are a great addition to any entertainment system. Their small size also makes them extremely portable, so they even make good TVs for those rainy days on holiday in the caravan. Whatever your requirements or budget, there is sure to be a 19-inch TV with built-in DVD player for you on eBay.

Do you need built-in Freeview or Freesat?

As it is no longer possible to receive analogue signals, any TV will need to have access to a digital service. Services such as Freeview or Freesat provide the digital signals needed, with no monthly subscriptions. Many TVs come with one of these services built-in. If you choose Freeview, you will need a working aerial to plug the TV into, and if you opt for Freesat, you will need to plug the TV into a working satellite. It is advisable to check the manufacturer’s guide for information on how to correctly connect your TV.

What are the advantages of a Smart 19-inch TV/DVD Combi?

Smart TVs are internet enabled and as such, really enhance your entertainment options. By choosing a smart TV, you can enjoy the following benefits through your TV:

  • On Demand services: Catch up on any programmes you miss through On Demand service.
  • Subscription services: Enjoy new TV series and movies at a time to suit you by accessing subscription services.
  • Online browsing: Access the internet directly.
  • Play games: Play selected games.
  • Home networking: Connect your TV to your home network to play your favourite music, videos or look back at photographs through your TV.
Should you choose an HD-Ready, Full HD or 4K 19-inch DVD combi?

HD-ready, sometimes referred to as 720p TVs are capable of showing high-definition (HD) quality pictures, but they can't upscale them by themselves. They need another device such as a satellite box or Freeview Recorder to do this for them. Full HD, often referred to as 1080p TVs are ready to go and are capable of producing HD quality pictures by themselves. 4K or ultra-HD is the newest of these technologies. A 4K TV allows you to enjoy all the benefits of HD TV as well as give you everything you need to stream 4K quality TV.