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Add Variety to Your Fashion With a 1920s Classic Vintage Dress

If you are searching for a stylish, glamorous outfit to add into your wardrobe, consider a vintage 1920s dress. Defined by the ease of movement, glitz, and sparkle, the vintage 1920s dress can quickly become a statement fashion piece. eBay offers a variety of styles, sizes, and prices for dresses from the vintage, classic 1920s.

What features do vintage 1920s dresses have?

The 1920s began an era of casualness to many traditional Edwardian fashion styles. Consumers began demanding dress styles offering greater mobility and independence. In addition, dresses were made from more affordable synthetic fabrics.

  • Rayon - The 1920s began an era of fashion in the UK defined by mass production of more affordable man-made-fibres such as rayon.
  • Corsetry – The 1920s was a period where the gramophone and radio began to be mass marketed and the access to recorded music resulted in a fervour of dance and music. Due to mobility demands, many dressmakers began to replace corsets with simple chemise or camisoles.
  • Sleeveless – Sleeveless dresses also began to make an appearance in 1920s fashion.
  • Low waistline – The drop waist fastened with a belt low at the hips was a common look.
Are there flappers dresses available?

Flapper dresses are identified with the flappers, a generation of young women of the 1920s. Flapper dresses are a distinct form of dress from the 1920s and are available on eBay. Flappers wore dresses with short hemlines, bobbed their hair, rejected traditional clothing, and were heavily influenced by music and dance. The dresses of the 1920s were strongly inspired by their way of life and designed to maximise ease of movement. Here are several key features of flapper dresses:

  • Glamour – Flapper dresses are all about the sparkle and the glamour. These dresses sparkle when worn while dancing.
  • Beads – Flapper dresses are often heavily beaded for texture.
  • Fringed – You’ll often see fringes lining the bottom hem of the flapper dress.
What accessories make up a complete vintage 1920s dress look?

The 1920s fashion consists of the main dress. Accessories combine to make up a large portion of the overall fashion. A complete outfit of the 1920s consists of:

  • 1920s dress – The main outfit includes a loose, free-flowing dress.
  • Headpiece – The headpiece often includes a hat or a headband with a boa.
  • Belt – A belt is usually used to secure the dress low at the hips.
  • Stockings – Stockings are held on by garters.
  • Heels – Heels can reach as high as 5-8cm.
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