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Brighten Up Your Outfit with 1920s Hair Accessories

The retro look of 1920s hair accessories is becoming an increasingly popular fashion trend. Whether you wish to give your wedding or prom dress that touch of vintage glamour or to wear a fascinator instead of a hat on formal occasions, these types of hair accessories are the ideal solution. Alternatively, if you're planning to attend a fancy-dress party as a flapper girl of the Charleston era, these hairpieces will give your costume that authentic finishing touch. Whatever the colour or style of your outfit, eBay has a wide selection of 1920s hair accessories to suit the occasion.

What should you consider before choosing 1920s hair accessories?

Before purchasing 1920s hair accessories, think about the following factors:

  • Type of accessories: Depending on how your hair will be worn, choose between headbands, Alice bands, hair combs, and/or clips.
  • Size: Check the length/width of headbands and the height of any decoration like feathers.
  • Colours: Select hair accessories to go with the colour of your outfit and/or makeup, or choose a neutral colour like white or champagne.
  • Design: 1920s hair accessories incorporate pearls, beading, sequins, rhinestones, crystal, fabric flowers, and/or feathers.
  • Matching accessories: Hair accessories might be sold with matching jewellery and/or cigarette holders.
Which hairstyles go with 1920s hair accessories?

The main advantage of 1920s hair accessories is that they are extremely versatile and go with all hairstyles and hair lengths. Headbands and Alice bands can be worn with all types of hair, including short hair and bobs that have been left down. For hair that is shoulder length or longer, your hair can be caught up in an updo with some strands deliberately left loose. Bands can be placed over the hair or hidden under hair at the back. Accessories like clips and combs can be worn to the side or can be placed in or above high- or low-lying buns.

How can you ensure that 1920s hair accessories stay in place?

Headbands vary in length from 15-30cm but are elasticated with enough 'give' to stay in place on your forehead. If you have fine and/or thin hair, keeping hair combs secure can be achieved through backcombing the area where you want to place the comb, and by using hairgrips and/or hairspray. It's always a good idea to have a trial run before your big day. Not only will this tell you how long your hair will take, but you'll also be able to identify any problems so you look your absolute best.

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