Keep it Simple with a 2 Channel Mixer

Sometimes, all you need are two channels of audio to get things to sound right. Other times, the DJ booth is small and a large mixer won't fit. There is a wide selection of 2 channel mixers available for sale on eBay, including great deals on used models that are still in great condition. If you already have a 2 channel mixer that needs to be repaired, there are also select replacement components.

What should you look for in a 2 channel mixer?

The first thing to consider is how many devices you're going to be switching between for live mixes. Are you using two turntables, a turntable and a laptop, or two smartphones? Also, with some 2 channel mixers, it's possible to connect four devices. This is because even though there are 2 channels there are 4 inputs and each channel has a switch allowing you to change between two devices. Thus, with the right 2 channel mixer, you can actually mix between four audio devices. Essential features shared by each 2 channel mixer include separate three-band EQs for each channel, LED meters for levels, separate gain controls, a master output, and a headphone jack. Depending on your planned setup, you should also consider the following:

  • BPM counters for measuring tempos and beat matching.
  • Effects (reverb, echo, delay, etc).
  • Sampler.
  • An XLR microphone input.
  • Monitor output and recording output.
  • USB.
  • Hamster Switch for reverse crossfading.
  • 3mm mini-jack.
  • Phono/line input.
  • RCA stereo input and output.
What different styles of 2 channel mixer exist?

In many cases, the name of the mixer will tell you what it's designed for. For example, there are various 2 channel mixers that are intended specifically for turntablism. These include the DJ Tech Handy Kutz, the Reloop Kut Digital, and the Mixars Cut MKII. A rack-mounted mixer is better suited for DJs more interested in studio work than with live performance. For DJs on the move, Numark makes a durable flight case mixer.

What is the simplest 2 channel mixer?

The majority of 2 channel mixers are intended for club DJs, turntablists, or producers. However, it could be the case that you simply want to connect two devices to a stereo that only has one input. In this case, a 6 x 4 cm mini passive audio mixer is the perfect 2 channel adapter.