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20ft Shipping Containers: More Than Just A Storage Box

Over the years, the humble shipping container has morphed into a multi-purpose vehicle with an ever-increasing variety of uses. Of steel construction, and built to withstand the knocks and bangs of being loaded by forklifts and swung from ship to truck by cranes, the shipping container has developed a versatile afterlife. On eBay, you will find an inexpensive selection of 20ft shipping containers suitable for a whole range of different jobs.

High-quality secure storage at an affordable price.

After spending years on the high seas, second-hand 20ft shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular with companies looking for cheap additional storage. Self-storage companies are using second-hand shipping containers to offer safe, secure repositories for the general public’s personal goods and equipment. Many allotment societies, fed up with their wooden garden sheds being broken into, are changing to the additional security offered by used steel shipping containers for all their equipment. But there is a lot more to a 20ft shipping container than just storage.

Are the dimensions of all 20ft shipping containers the same?

On a new standard 20ft shipping container, all external and internal measurements have to comply with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). For a 20ft container, that means an external length of 20ft, external width of 8ft, and external height of 8ft 6ins. The internal dimensions of a 20ft shipping container should be, 19ft 4ins long, 7ft 9ins wide, and 7ft 10ins high. However, always check dimensions with the seller, in case the container has been previously converted. Containers are also available in 40ft lengths, and specialist 8ft and 10ft lengths, and various heights.

What else are shipping containers used for?

People are finding ever more versatile ways to put second-hand, 20ft shipping containers, to good use. Here are just a few of their uses.

  • Temporary offices: Construction companies these days, prefer the added security of shipping containers converted into onsite office space. With so much expensive digital equipment to look after, steel provides a much higher level of security compared to portable offices of wooden construction.
  • Washrooms, showers, and WCs: From construction sites to campsites, 20ft shipping containers are being converted into purpose built blocks of washrooms, toilets and shower cubicles.
  • Cheap housing: Around the globe, containers are being converted into housing. Helping to replace the shanty towns of the world with clean, dry, and robust homes that can last a lifetime.
  • Fancy a swimming pool? Containers are even being used for the construction of small swimming pools and hot tubs.
20ft shipping containers: A cheap solution to a lot of global problems.

From urban and rural areas of the UK and Europe, to shanty towns and mining areas across the African continent, shipping containers are providing a cheap solution to a variety of industrial and personal needs. With the large selection of 20ft shipping containers available on eBay, you can have your new garden shed delivered in days.

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