Choosing the Right Antique Tables Built From 1900 to 1950

If you are looking for vintage tables for sale, there are many different choices available. You can choose beautiful and functional antique three-legged side tables, antique end tables, or a multitude of other styles. Alternatively, you can add beauty and functionality to your home with vintage tables.

Furniture periods between 1900 and 1950

There were many different furniture periods between 1900 and 1950. Some of the periods and corresponding table features include:

  • Arts and Crafts: America was well into the Arts and Crafts period by 1900, and it lasted until about 1920. Exposed joinery is seen on many tables from this period. Unlike earlier periods, the focus was on creating functional pieces with simple lines. If you want tables from this period, then look for pieces with flat tops and sturdy rectangular legs. Most tables were made from oak with a few showcasing Eastern elements, liken intricate latticework, decorative curved or notched edges, and abstract motifs.
  • Art Nouveau: Lasting from about 1890 to 1910, tables created in this style are very ornate. They often have veneer linings, and chrome or brass hardware.
  • Traditional Revival: Starting around 1920 and continuing through 1950, a combination of Colonial and Federal styles returned. Tables made during this time period had intricate inlays and veneers. Legs on antique wood tables created during this time had sharp turnings, but they were straight.
What are some types of antique tables?

There are many different styles of antique tables including:

  • Butler tables: If you are looking for an antique TV stand-type table, then these tables may be right for you. They usually have straight legs and a removable top that you can also use as a tray.
  • Butterfly tables: These tables have butterfly-shaped brackets to hold up the leaves on the table when they are needed, and they usually have gate legs.
  • Console tables: These vintage wood tables, sometimes called pier tables, have one flat side, so they fit up against the wall. The other side is often very ornate.
  • Demilune tables: These circular or semi-circular tables have a leaf that drops down.
  • Guéridon tables: These small antique tables usually in circle form were often used to hold candlesticks or lamps.
Who were some important table builders between 1900 and 1950?

While many local craftsmen built tables for themselves and their local communities between 1900 and 1950, there were many who rose to worldwide fame, including:

  • Le Corbusier: If you are looking for a table with straight legs and a sturdy top when shopping for antique tables for sale, then pieces created by le Corbusier may be a great choice.
  • Eero Saarinen: One-piece metal tables with large pedestal bases, called tulip tables, is one of the types of tables that he is famous for creating. You may be able to find original round and oval tulip tables on eBay.
  • Paul McCobb: Most of his designs have straight legs with very little ornamentation and sturdy tops.
  • Florence Knoll Bassett: While she is better known for creating tables for the corporate office, you can find many simple tables for your home built by this designer.