Watch Your Favourite Shows on a 22-Inch TV

A 22-inch sized TV works well in small homes and rooms, as well as doubling as a large screen for laptops and desktop PCs for an immersive viewing experience. Many 22-inch TVs now have advanced built-in technologies to enhance functionality beyond just watching free-to-air shows. Consider both new and used 22-inch TVs from the range available on eBay.

How do you set up a 22-inch TV screen as a computer monitor?

Legacy model flatscreen TVs may still use VGA, so you may need an adapter to connect it to late model computers. However, many TVs support HDMI cables and these are compatible with many desktop PCs and laptop computers. In addition to that, some TVs can connect to computers wirelessly with Wi-Fi or through a special set-top box. See the manfacturer's site for connectivity details.

What is the difference between LED, OLED, and other technologies?

There are a lot of 22-inch televisions listed on eBay and they use four main display technologies. They come in at different price points with different levels of image quality, but the basic differences in screen technologies are:

  • LCD: Having been on the market for the longest amount of time, LCD technology is usually the cheapest. Often the most budget-friendly option when picking a used TV, images are nevertheless clear and bright.
  • LED: Displaying images up to 1020p with uniform brightness through the backlit display, this is an affordable way to enjoy full high-definition movies and videos.
  • OLED: Commonly found in 1020p and 4K or more televisions, OLED technology does not require a backlight. This means that the screens are a lot thinner as the individual pixels are able to emit light by themselves.
  • QLED: Using a backlight, these models have lights that are emitted by molecules inside the screen to display millions of brilliant colours and are often brighter than OLED models.
What is a smart TV and what can it do?

The main difference between a traditional TV and a smart TV is that a smart TV has the capability to go on the internet. This means it has an operating system that can allow you to stream videos and movies from online sources like YouTube, or access subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You could also connect it to your mobile devices via Wi-Fi to use it as an extension or a mirroring screen.