The following tyres are a size 225/45-17
225/45/17 Car Tyres

225/45 R17 tyres

Make sure your car is road legal and has enough traction to easily breeze along the roads with 225/45 R17 tyres. Choose from standard road tyres to keep you going on the day to day or choose something better suited to offering traction in wintry conditions. 

Whatever car tyres youre after, youll find something for your car right here on eBay. Keep in mind that these car parts can be difficult to remove and install so only do so if you know what youre doing, or leave it to a professional. Before choosing your tyres, make sure that this exact size fits your car. 

225/45 R17 summer tyres

A Uniroyal RainSport 3 is designed for use in the summer. Made with an asymmetrical design with added grip combats aquaplaning whilst improving grip around tight bends. The Shark Skin Technology also works to dissipate water to stop aquaplaning, making for a safer drive in any conditions. 

The added grip also works to shorten your braking distances to stop any potential collisions in an emergency brake situation, even in wet weather. 

Or go for a Goodride summer tyre with added rim protection for something that keeps your car in top condition. The specially designed track increases grip on the road whilst the sides of the tyres extend over the outer edge of the rims to protect them from scratch. 

225/45 R17 winter tyres

Make sure your car can handle the harsh weather of the winter with a set of brand new winter tyres. 

Choose a set of four GoodYear winter tyres for a strong performance in colder, wetter conditions. The symmetrical track design offers an amazing braking distance on the snow, mitigates the risk of aquaplaning, reduces tread wear and stops aquaplaning. The hydrodynamic tread is designed to get rid of built-up water for a safer ride every time.