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235/40/18 Car Tyres

235 40/18 car tyres for any vehicle

Driving with tyres that are in good condition and within the safe level of tread depth is imperative to ensure that you stay safe on the road. For cars, the choice of replacement tyres can mean either new or part used tyres, with some drivers preferring tyres that have been driven already. Whatever car tyres youre after, youll find something for your vehicle here on eBay. 

Ranging from budget, mid-range to high spec tyres, the selection of both popular brands and unbranded tyres on the market mean there are sets to suit every types of car and driving condition, from off-road vehicles to small family hatchbacks. For added protection, some part used tyres are pressure tested before refitting to ensure there are no hidden flaws. 

Seasonal tyres

Switching between summer and winter tyres can improve performance, as these types of tyres are specifically designed for different environments. The Rainsport series of Uniroyal tyres are designed to draw water away and offer excellent grip throughout the colder, wetter months, whereas Dunlop summer tyres perform well in hot, dry conditions. 

For areas with extreme weather variations changing tyres depending on the season might improve safety and fuel efficiency, however for drivers who dont want to keep switching tyres a good all round car tyre might suffice. Big brands like Michelin and Continental offer tyres that grip the road throughout the year and minimise the guesswork in deciding when to swap seasonal tyres if the weather is variable. 

Fitting and balancing wheels

Once fitted, tyres need balancing and valves sealing. Fitting 235 40/18 car tyres is a service many car owners look for when buying. Often sold in pairs, full sets of four tyres, or as single spares, its important that any new tyres are balanced once fitted, otherwise the weight might not be distributed evenly around the wheel. 

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