Enjoy Your Favourite Programmes on a 24 Inch TV

Choosing your new TV isn't as simple as it used to be: they are no longer just boxes that display pictures. A 24 inch smart TV comes jam-packed with features and it can be difficult to understand which of those you actually need. Ideally, when choosing your 24 inch flat screen TV, you should opt for the best picture quality that you can afford while also taking into consideration what smart TV capabilities you require. Whether you are replacing an old TV or choosing one to fit into a new space, you can be sure that we will have the right 24 inch TV for you on eBay.

What 24 inch smart TV features will you need?

Smart TVs come with many features, so look out for:

  • Streaming video services – Many smart TVs have the ability to connect to video streaming services so that you can play your favourite programmes directly through your TV, without any intermediaries.
  • Music streaming – Many TVs have links with popular music streaming apps, allowing you to play music through your TV.
  • Media player – This works with your home network, allowing you to view pictures and videos directly on your TV.
  • Games – Many TVs support gameplay directly through the TV.
  • The ability to transfer content from a smartphone – Some TVs allow you to play content directly from your phone.
What should you consider with regard to picture quality?

LCD 24 inch TV screens deliver excellent picture quality, as do OLED and QLED screens. In terms of features that will improve your viewing experience, you might want to look out for 4K capability. Even a cheap 24 inch TV with this capability has twice the resolution of a normal TV, which means they are able to deliver sharper images. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is another feature that you should look for. A TV with this capability will automatically adjust the brightness settings to suit the colours displayed on screen, helping every picture look great.

What connections do you need?

You need to consider the equipment that you will want to plug into your TV to make sure that the model you choose has the right connections. Check the equipment that you will know you want to connect to ascertain whether you need HDMI, SCART, or USB connections, and how many you will need of each to ensure you choose a model that works with what you have.