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Squeeze a 28 Inch TV Into Your Life

Sometimes space limitations will dictate a smaller television. For more compact living spaces, inexpensive office amenities, or a childs bedroom, a 28 inch TV might be the only sensible option. With a wide selection of 28 inch televisions on offer, eBay can help you to choose between used and new models that will all be able to accommodate your needs.

Will the picture quality be affected by the smaller screen size?

No. You will be able to enjoy the same quality of picture on a 28 inch TV as you would with any other television set, albeit on a smaller screen. To ensure full functionality, look for 28 inch sets that are capable of reproducing up to 1080p HD. Irrespective of the size, you will then get the full HD viewing experience no matter where you need to place it.

Will you be able to connect other devices to a 28 inch TV?

As with other television sets, 28 inch TVs can come fully loaded with SCART and HDMI input ports built in, depending on the model. This means that you can use your 28 inch television in exactly the same manner as you would any other, with the option of plugging in additional kit like gaming consoles, compatible audio entertainment systems like karaoke machines, DVD or Blu-ray players, or any of your preferred internet-connected streaming devices.

What features can you expect with a 28 inch TV?

Just as with any larger television set, a 28 inch TV set will still be able to pack in all of the features that you have come to rely on. Although available options will differ between brands and models, these can include features such as:

  • Freeview reception, allowing you to watch up to 70 TV channels, 15 HD channels, and more than 30 radio stations with no subscription costs.
  • Smart functionality that allows you to watch on-demand streaming content whenever you like, from many different providers.
  • Full HD-quality picture in 1080p to provide the most immersive viewing experience.
  • TV/DVD combos on specific models, which provide an inbuilt solution for watching DVDs as well as saving space.
Do you have to wall mount a 28 inch TV?

No. All sizes of TV commonly allow for both stand placement on a flat surface, or wall mounting with the appropriate fixings. Each 28 inch TV may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions before drilling holes in the wall.