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Connect Your Device Anywhere Using a USB 3 Extension Cable

With the rapid advance of technology, people always need newer and better ways to transfer their data securely. One of these methods is the USB 3 cord, a faster upgrade of the original USB 1 and 2 cables of the past. But even the most advanced technology isn't useful if it can't physically connect, which is why a USB 3 extension cable is a good resource to have for anyone who regularly uses this technology.

How long is a USB 3 extension cable?

There is no one length standard between all USB 3 extension cables, especially since many different companies manufacture these cables. See the manufacturer site for details. Having cords of varying length can greatly increase the distance you can connect devices and the ways in which connections can be made when length isn't a limiting factor. A few examples of the affordable new and used cable lengths available on eBay include:

  • Less than 1 metre
  • 5 metres
  • 10 metres
  • 25 metres
Are there extension cables that allow multiple connections at once?

There are some extension cables for the USB 3 that function as both a connection to a device as well as a port for multiple other cables to connect with. Similar to an electrical power strip, these cables allow several different cables to be plugged into a splitter hub, making it so all the connected devices can communicate with or charge from the same computer at once.

What are the two ends of this cable like?

The reasonably priced USB 3 extension cables on eBay can vary in design. There are some cables that have a type A male connector, the rectangular, blocky plug that goes into a port, on both ends, allowing the connection between things like two laptops. Others have a type A male connector with a type A female connector, one of the aforementioned ports, on the end of the cord. There are also variations featuring type B and C connectors, which are trapezoidal and rectangular in shape, respectively. Variations happen, too, with their ports and the micro or mini forms of each. These differences all occur in different combinations between hundreds of different device configurations. There are even adapter-type cables that allow a USB 3 device to connect to an older USB port or another type of connection port entirely by way of the extension cable.

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