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Enjoy your Favourite Treats With a 3-Way Caravan Fridge

To provide your family with immediate access to your favourite cold treats while you travel, use a 3-way caravan fridge. Spacious options from eBay work efficiently and are designed to fit in your kitchenette without affecting the smooth flow of life on the road.

Can 3-way caravan fridges run on 12 volts?

Yes. A 3-way caravan fridge from eBay can run on LPG gas, 220 volts, or 12/24 volts. This is because a gas flow system is used to exchange heat, instead of a compressor. This is located in the back of the fridge and essentially removes heat from extra meals or bottled drinks. The flexible options allow you to choose the type of fuel you want to use at any time, while options on eBay have doors made of coated sheet steel, which help to conserve energy.

Does a 3-way caravan fridge provide adequate storage space?

Yes. Most of these fridges are made to store everything from vegetables to ice cream, and they can be up to 1500 mm tall. The freezers can usually store up to 15 litres of goods, and several on eBay have an overall capacity of 140 litres. These fridges feature:

  • LED illumination, which makes it easy to find treats at night.
  • Easy fingertip opening.
  • Easy control with a LED display.
Enjoy long-life caravan fridges

Several models of 3-way caravan fridges are available on eBay, and all of them offer the advantage of long life. These fridges last much longer than compressor fridges, and most on eBay will last for around 20 years. These fridges also make good use of a bottle of gas, and a 9 kg bottle can last you between two and three weeks while you are away from other petrol sources.

Enjoy quiet operation

The heat exchange on a 3-way caravan fridge occurs without the heavy sound that you may be used to with a compressor. If you are looking for a lot of storage, eBay has fridges in several sizes, which work quietly, without access to mains power.

You can easily make adjustments to the interior by adjusting the shelves to suit the items you need to store, and with automatic thermostat control on most units, you can be sure that your goods are always kept at the right temperature. Adjustable shelves are available on the doors of some units, so you make maximum use of the available space. Several do not have a control panel that is visible from outside, so they integrate seamlessly with the decor in your caravan.

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