A 3-Way Shower Diverter Valve Delivers Water Comfortably and Efficiently

Shower valves regulate water temperature and redirect the water flow. For a properly working shower that maintains the water temperature evenly, you need a well-designed shower valve that mitigates events that affect the water inside the shower. A diverter valve is also necessary to direct the water into the correct outlet.

Types of shower diverter valves

A diverter will allow you to toggle back and forth between running the water through the tub faucet and running the water through the shower head. There are three main types of shower diverter valves, and you can find all of them in new, used, and pre-owned versions on eBay:

  • Tee valve diverter - A tee diverter is the most basic type of shower mixer valve. It has a pull arm located on the tap. When the water has reached the desired temperature, you pull the arm up, which blocks the tap and redirects the water to the shower head.
  • 3-way valve diverter - You can adjust the hot and cold water individually with a simple-to-operate 3-way shower valve and also turn a central knob 180 degrees to divert the water between the tap and the shower.
  • 2-way valve diverter - In contrast to a 3-way bath shower valve, a 2-way valve diverter has a single control that rotates for hot and cold water and a second control that diverts the water between the tap and the shower.
Functions of temperature-regulating valves

Temperature-regulating valves do what their name suggests. They pull water to the shower head from the hot and cold water taps and adjust the water mixture. The three main temperature valves are:

  • Traditional mixing valves - These valves simply pull the hot and cold water from the taps.
  • Mechanical or pressure-balancing valves - These valves use the difference in pressure that is created by sudden water temperature changes to sense when the water mix needs adjusting to maintain the correct temperature.
  • Thermostatic valves - Thermostatic shower valves are designed to maintain both the proper pressure and temperature. You can preset the water temperature before actually turning the water on, which allows you to enter the shower area before waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature.
Types of thermostatic shower mixer valves

A thermostatic shower valve 3-way diverter can be concealed or exposed. Concealed shower valves are installed with all the pipes and main fittings concealed in the wall behind the tile of the shower. Only the plate and buttons are visible. Exposed shower valves display all the working parts. These are usually contained in a horizontal bar in the shower.