Boost Your Entertainment Options with a 30m HDMI Cable

Distribute video signals from live conferences in boardrooms or faculty offices. A 30m HDMI cable allows you to enjoy the same high-definition resolution in small classrooms and large auditoriums. Affordable options on eBay support surround sound, so you enjoy educational and entertainment media as filmmakers intended.

Can any 30m HDMI cable carry an HDR signal?

No. The 30m HDMI cable you choose must have the correct bandwidth. HDMI 2.0 can handle the colour depths that are possible with HDR. These cables also allow for more colour space, so every image they transmit closely replicates the colours seen by human eyes. Using the correct HDMI cable helps videos to be as sharp in contrast and rich in depth as they should be.

Can a standard 30m HDMI cable transmit 4K video?

No. If you want to transmit a 4K signal you will need a high-speed HDMI cable. This can handle signals with enhanced colour depth. If you have a 4K TV, you need a high-speed 30m HDMI cable. Several versions of HDMI are classified as high speed. While on eBay you will see HDMI 1.3, 1.4 and up. HDMI version 1.4 can be used for 4K connections. Version 1.4 cables also offer Ethernet connectivity. If you select later versions of 30m HDMI cables, such as version 2.0, they support an audio return channel and 3D signals.

  • If you use the wrong HDMI cable, you may not get a signal. In this case, your screen may either flash or be completely blank.
  • All the connections in your network need to be high-speed HDMI. If you mix other types of cables the signal will not be transmitted.
  • Check that your 30m HDMI cable is connected to the right input on your TV. A 4K TV usually just has one 4K HDMI input.
Can a 30m HDMI cable work without a booster?

Yes. Some people may want to connect devices such as a PC and 4K TV or HDTV in a conference hall. While a 30m HDMI cable must transmit a signal over a long distance, it is designed to do that under regular conditions. Some people may use a booster to extend the video source if the HDMI cable is over 17 metres long. This is because a slight loss of signal quality is experienced with HDMI cables over this length.