Use a 32-Inch TV Bracket to Mount Your Television on a Wall

You may have a 32-inch television without anywhere to easily display it. A television bracket lets you hang your television on a wall, so it can be used in tight spaces or angles where conventional television stands will not work, and there are plenty of these mounts to choose from on eBay. These helpful devices contain a portion that mounts to your wall and a piece that attaches to your television, so it is quick and easy to hang it up.

Will other bracket sizes work with a 32-inch TV?

A television bracket may mention that it also works with other television dimensions, but this does not necessarily mean that it cannot be compatible with a 32-inch television. Several brackets have multiple holes drilled in them, so they can work with more than one size of television. For example, some mounts fit a range of 22 to 32 inch televisions, and other brackets can support televisions between 32 to 63 inches.

Is there a difference between tilt and swivel wall mounts?

These two words often mean the same thing in other contexts, but when it comes to 32-inch TV brackets, there is a big difference. A tilt mount just lets you tilt the television up and down while otherwise keeping it in one place. This feature is great for keeping light and glares away from the screen. Swivel mounts typically have a swing arm TV bracket that allows you to move the television away from the wall. It lets you keep the television flush against a wall or swing it out to watch it from a whole new angle.

How do you tell if the bracket fits your TV?

One of the simplest ways of ensuring that the bracket fits your 32-inch TV is picking a bracket that is VESA-compliant. VESA standards are a set of regulations meant to standardise television mounts. Most televisions come with pre-drilled holes for screwing the television to a mount, and a VESA bracket has holes meant to match the television. If you do get a bracket that follows VESA standards, then it is more likely to fit your television. Otherwise, you may not have anywhere to position the screws that attach the mount to your television bracket. For non-VESA products, you need to carefully compare measurements and screw holes to see if it matches.