What You Need to Know About 32-inch LED Television Sets

Choosing the right LED television can be a process. Beyond the 32-inch screen size, there are a lot of specs and features you need to be aware of. Fortunately, eBay makes the buying and selling process easier.

How do you choose the right LED television?

Here is what you need to know about choosing the right LED television:

  • Resolution: Resolution, which is typically measured by the number of horizontal pixels times the number of vertical pixels, is a useful way to understand the amount of detail the television can display. A higher resolution is equivalent to more detail. The most common television resolutions are 1280 by 720, also known as 720p, and 1920 by 1080, also known as 1080p. A somewhat rarer and more idiosyncratic resolution is 1366 by 768. All three of these resolutions fall within the confines of High-Definition TV. Anything beyond 1080p is known as Ultra High-Definition resolution. This includes 3840 by 2160, also known as 4K resolution.
  • Refresh rate: Measured in hertz, the refresh rate describes the number of times the television updates its image every second. Depending on the quality of the video source, a higher refresh rate will tend to appear smoother and crisper, especially during moments of fast motion. The most common refresh rate is 60 hertz, but some televisions can go up to 120 hertz.
  • Contrast ratio: This is the difference between the darkest and lightest colours of the screen. A higher contrast ratio tends to look more realistic.
  • Smart TV features: Smart televisions incorporate web-based features into the set, including web browsing, media streaming, and apps.
  • Outputs: HDMI is the most common type of digital video output in television screens. Some sets also have USB ports or wireless Bluetooth to connect external devices such as smartphones.
What should you look for in a used television set?

The condition of the screen is obviously the most important factor. Cracked or scuffed screens will be cheaper, but you will likely need to purchase replacement parts as well to make it work. Dead pixels and other abnormalities may not warrant a full replacement but tend to reduce the price of the set.

What is an LED television?

LED stands for light-emitting diode, a type of electronic light source. Some manufacturers will market their sets as being an LED TV. However, an LED television is typically just an LCD television with an LED backlight. The liquid crystals display the image, while the LEDs provide a light source that illuminates the screen. In most cases, the terms LED TV and LED-lit LCD TV tend to mean the same thing. However, some television sets have the ability to modulate or adjust the intensity of the LEDs in certain parts of the screen based on the brightness level of the image. This allows the television set to turn off the lights in dark parts of the screen to make them appear even darker.