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Got one to sell?

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32GB USB flash drives for added storage

A 32GB USB flash drive gives you more than enough capacity, making sure there is space for everything on one convenient portable memory stick. From Toshiba to SanDisk 32GB USB flash drives, you're sure to find the perfect storage drive for your needs. 

What can 32GB USB flash drives hold?

A 32GB USB flash drive should be enough storage for almost anyone. It will hold a massive 150 hours of music, over 800,000 documents or over 12,000 standard sized photos. These USB flash drives are big enough to allow you to transfer most apps and programmes too, giving you true portability between your desktop and your laptop, and between your work and home machines. 

Choosing 32GB USB flash drives

32GB USB flash drives are generally not available in the USB 1.0 format, because it would take forever to transfer so much data at that speed. You can choose between USB 2 and USB 3, including the very latest and fastest USB 3.1 and 3.2 formats. You can also get 32GB USB flash drives with either standard connections or micro USB connections, to suit your devices. 

Using 32GB USB flash drives

With the capacity to hold so much information, you can use a 32GB USB flash drive as backup for almost all your files at home or at work, so you never risk losing those precious pictures again if your computer crashes. Many 32GB USB flash drives will clip on to your key ring, or are small enough to slip into your wallet or purse, so you'll always have them to hand when you want to back up or transfer. 

Marketing and promotion

32GB USB flash drives are great for marketing and promotion too, whether you are sending out a high-resolution glossy presentation, complete with 3D walkthroughs, or filming your concert to send to the record companies. With bespoke shapes, colours and printing available, with a 32GB USB flash drive, you can really make your brand or band stand out from the crowd. 

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