Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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3G Mobile and Smartphones

There is a huge range of choice available today when it comes to buying 3G mobile and smartphones and this collection is designed to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. With thousands of phones all including different technology, operating systems and functionality shopping for a new one can feel like an impossible choice.

Perhaps you're looking for a particular brand such as iPhone, Samsung or HTC or maybe you're not so worried about the brand and just want to ensure the phone has a specific feature or function. Either way, it's simple to find a phone that suits your requirements in this range. It's even simple to shop by colour if you have a style in mind.

Buying tips

3G actually stands for third generation which is the third type of access technology for mobile phones. The use of cellular data in these phones means that you can access the internet from almost anywhere rather than needing to connect to a wireless network. Almost all smartphones will have this feature and it really is a must have when it comes to buying a new one.

Important things to think about when buying a new 3G mobile or smartphone include what budget you have available to spend. Whilst this technology is coming down in price with many more budget models on the market than there once was, it's still possible to spend a lot of money and it is a good idea to set your price range before browsing.


Additionally you'll need to think about whether you need your new mobile or smartphone to be compatible with a specific network or whether you want one that is already unlocked. Once decided on these points you can get into the technicalities.

Media quality

You've already decided that 3G technology is an essential feature but how big do you want the screen to be and do you want it to be HD or are you not worried if it's of a lower quality? It's at this stage that it's useful to start to consider whether you want features like cameras and video recording, and if so what level of quality are you after.

Storage space and battery life

Finally there are a couple of practicalities such as storage space, battery life and operating system. If you have other Apple devices that use the iCloud then an iPhone 3G smartphone might be useful, otherwise you may prefer an Android 3G phone . Perhaps you plan to use your mobile to store lots of music and even films, in which case you're going to need a great capacity for memory so they all fit.

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