Upgrade Your Phone’s Charging Power With The 3 m iPhone Charger

The 3 m iPhone charger makes an excellent charging device if you are looking to replace a broken one. It comes with a Lightning cable that hits all the right notes in terms of functionality, design, and price. eBay will offer a range of 3 m iPhone chargers for you to choose from.

What should you consider before buying a 3 m iPhone charger?

Cable-powered devices are convenient as you can carry the cable anywhere you want. Before buying, consider:

  • The charging rate: Chargers have different output rates, usually measured in amps. The higher the rate, the faster the charge.
  • Voltage: Most chargers are rated at five volts but some have high voltage for fast-charging.
  • Compatibility: Not all devices can be fast-charged. Check the manufacturer's website for details.
How do you determine if the 3 m iPhone charger cable is fast-charging?

A wire is restricted in the amount of current it can transmit based on its length. Therefore a longer wire transmits more current than a shorter one. The gauge should guide you when looking for a fast-charging cable. It is printed on the cable in the form of 28 AWG/24 AWG 2C, i.e., the power wires are 24 gauge, and the data wires are 28 gauge. Short cables use 28/28 hence, a low charging capability while fast-charging cables have large internal wires (usually the 24 gauge) that transmit large currents.

Are 3 m iPhone charger cables compatible with all iOS power adapters?If you are looking for the fast-charging feature, the 3 m iPhone charger cable is compatible with any Apple connector. Apple explicitly advocates for the use of chargers that accept Lightning cables. iOS devices charge fast with high-watt wall brick chargers. The only difference between the adapters is the rated amperage. So, a 29-watt iPhone charger charges your device faster than a 12-watt charger.

The amperage rating is only a measure of the maximum capability of the charger; the load determines the actual amperage. This is because battery-charging circuits within the device have to match battery-protection circuits within the lithium-ion battery itself. The circuits have been designed to manage the flow of electricity to the cell. Therefore, if the circuitry within the iPhone is rated for 1 amp and is exposed occasionally to 2 amp charging device, it can stress the system over time.

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