Things to Know Before Purchasing a 4-Channel DJ Mixer

Performing live as a DJ is almost impossible without a quality DJ mixer. If you are looking for a 4-channel DJ mixer, there is a huge inventory waiting for you on eBay. Check out the following questions about available models to help guide you in your shopping experience.

How do 4-channel DJ mixers work?

DJs use mixers live to keep the music going without stopping. First, they run two separate audio sources to the mixer, usually two of the same music player like a CD player or a turntable. Then, the DJ switches between the two tracks being played using the crossfader at the bottom. To help the performer do this, some mixers provide an auto BPM sync, saving time on lining up the two tracks.

What are some features available on these mixers?

DJ mixers have a variety of functions available to help the user add to their sound live. The following are some features to keep an eye out for when shopping.

  • EQ - Some models have a 3-band parametric EQ available on each channel. This will help you adjust the high, mid, and low range frequencies in any audio source while playing live.
  • Effects - On top of the EQ, some units have a built-in effects unit. Common effects found on DJ mixers are flanger, chorus, Reverb, and Delay.
  • Looping - Use a B cue point to create a loop. You can even use the trim function to help shape the perfect loop to play over.
  • Microphone - Talk to the crowd or sing over a mix without adding an extra mixer thanks to the XLR microphone input on most DJ mixers.
  • Adjustable curve - Many digital DJ mixers have an adjustable curve on the crossfader. This allows you to make the transition between the two audio signals as sharp or as gradual as you want.
Can they be used to record?

Yes. DJs can record mixes using 4-channel DJ mixers. This is accomplished either through the direct out on the back or the USB out. With the USB out, you can connect the device directly to your computer, immediately integrating it with the DAW of your choice. The direct out can be run to a tape machine, analogue recorder, or audio interface for recording purposes. Certain models also have a self-contained recording device onboard with up to 64 GB of memory for storage.