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What You Need to Know About Buying a 47-Inch LED Smart TV

A 47-inch LED Smart TV can alter the way any family enjoys a home entertainment system. These smart TVs are big enough to help groups enjoy them, and they are loaded with smart features to make using it as convenient as possible. New and pre-owned LED smart TVs are available on eBay.

What is smart technology?

Smart technology is built-in technology on an LED TV that allows televisions to communicate with other devices via Wi-Fi. It can connect to the internet just like a computer. Through this, you can stream video directly from apps downloaded to the device like Hulu, Netflix, and HBOGo. It can also connect to other smart devices wirelessly.

What are some of the inputs on a smart TV?

Smart TVs sold on eBay come with a variety of inputs, enhancing its connectivity beyond its Wi-Fi capabilities. This includes four 1080p HDMI inputs for connecting a laptop or a Blu-Ray player. If you wish to hardwire your smartphone to the 47-inch television so you can charge it while watching, there are two available USB inputs as well. Finally, there is an Ethernet input, so you can connect the television directly to your internet router.

What are some of the features on this smart television?

Smart TVs are loaded with features to make the viewing experience as enjoyable as possible. Some of the added features you may find on 47-inch smart TVs sold on eBay include:

  • 3D: Use glasses to watch 3D movies in your home theatre.
  • App store: Connect directly to the Android App store, giving you access to thousands of free and paid apps for entertainment.
  • Smart remote: Control every function of the TV easily with the provided remote. Certain models come with two remotes.
  • Refresh rate: Watch sports without missing any of the action, thanks to the rapid refresh rate on LED smart TVs. This unique feature ensures that not one frame is skipped.
  • Stand: To help integrate it into your home entertainment system, most models come with a stand included.
Do smart TVs have internet browsers?

Yes. Most LED smart televisions come with a built-in internet browser, meaning you can log on directly to the internet from the computer and use the TV like you would a laptop. This allows you to surf the internet and to shop online directly from your television.