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4G Mobile and Smartphones

Connecting to the Internet whilst on the move has never been easier thanks to 4G mobile and smartphones. 4G connections allow users to access the web at lightning-fast rates, download files quicker than ever before, and stream music, TV shows and movies seamlessly without buffering. This connection, coupled with a powerful smartphone such as an iPhone or an Android smartphone , ensures that you will always stay connected with the rest of the world, wherever you are.

Why Buy a 4G Smartphone?

Having a smartphone in your pocket is essentially the same as having a mini-computer in your pocket. With the latest technology, users can access all forms of social media, emails, documents and media files at the click of a button.

Whilst it is true that most smartphones have the capability of performing these tasks, having a 4G connection allows you to do them faster. With possible speeds of up to 1Gbit/s, 4G can be even faster than connecting to Wi-Fi.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music are becoming more and more widely used, therefore it is crucial to have a fast, stable connection to the internet. Compared to a 3G connection, a 4G connection enables the user to enjoy seamless streaming without any lag.

Video calling services such as FaceTime and Skype also benefit from 4G. It is important to note that constant streaming on 4G may deplete your data plan quickly, so it is recommend either buying in to a large or unlimited data plan or saving unessential streaming for when you have a WiFi connection.

A handy feature of many 4G mobile and smartphones is the ability to create a mobile hotspot, which essentially turns your phone into a Wi-Fi router. This allows you to share your bandwidth with others, and it is possible to connect through various devices including handsets, laptops, televisions and gaming consoles.

However, much like with streaming, it is recommend that you only create mobile hotspots if it is crucial as many providers charge extra for you to tether.

4G mobile and smartphones also offer clearer phone calls. Often with 2G and 3G smartphone connections, users experience poor voice quality, having a stable 4G connection on a powerful smartphone allows you to speak with such quality that it sounds as if you are in the same room as the person you're speaking to. This is done through the utilization of the higher network capacity and bandwidth capability of 4G networks.

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