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4GB Memory Cards for Cameras

Choosing a memory card with enough storage makes for a better photography experience. After all, there's nothing more annoying than having to stop shooting because your memory card is full up. 4GB memory cards for cameras give you solid medium-level storage, with the potential to store around 1,000 photos or two hours of camcorder footage, depending on the format you shoot in.

Memory cards are a lightweight and portable way of storing your photos or films. Many are compatible with a wide range of digital products, giving you great versatility. They are designed to be durable and withstand up to 10,000 insertion/removal cycles - that's a lot of use! Choose between full size and micro memory cards, depending on the model of your camera or camcorder.

Choose the right format

4GB camera memory cards are available in a variety of formats. SD - or Secure Digital - memory cards are the most frequently used and tend to be compatible with most digital cameras. SDHC - or Secure Digital High Capacity - cards are the newer, high capacity version of SD cards. They are almost identical to look at, but you will need to check if your camera is compatible with SDHC as early camera models may not be able to read them.

CompactFlash memory cards are known for their fast processing speed and tend to be used by professional photographers and those with high-spec cameras. The Memory Stick PRO Duo is a high transfer speed card used with Sony digital cameras and camcorders.

Technical features

When it comes to choosing your 4GB memory card, keep an eye out for technical features such as transfer speed, read/write speed and built-in ECC technology, which detects and rectifies errors. Some memory cards have the ability to operate in both dual-channel and ultra DMS modes, which is thought to be the optimum choice for compatibility and speed.

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