4g Router

Stay Connected with a 4G Router

A 4G router can be used to provide wireless internet access in areas where there is no fixed line. Whether it is used as your primary internet connection, to keep you connected when working away from home, or as a backup to keep you online if your home or office broadband goes down, a 4G router can be a useful gadget to own. On eBay, you will find a vast selection of both new and used 4G routers at a range of prices to suit every budget. 

What is 4G? 

4G is the fourth generation of mobile communications network technology, following on from previous generation 3G. Also known as LTE (long-term evolution) technology, 4G offers much faster wireless internet access than previous generations of mobile technology with speeds comparable to fixed line home broadband. 

How do 4G routers work? 

4G routers work by tapping into the 4G mobile network to create a wireless broadband hotspot. This can then be shared by wifi enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones that are within range of its signal. Like mobile phones, 4G routers require a SIM card in order to function, and data-only SIM cards are available especially for use in 4G routers and dongles. 

When is a 4G router useful? 

4G routers can be useful in any situation where you do not have access to fixed line broadband, some examples of this sort of situation include:  

  • In caravans and on sites without wifi.
  • When working away from the home or office.
  • For offices in building sites without a fixed line.
  • As an emergency backup for the home or office
  • In rural areas where conventional broadband is unavailable.

What features do 4G routers have? 

Specific features will vary according to the make and model, but some features that 4G routers may include are:  

  • Multi-SIM capacity: For extra reliability, this feature allows more than one SIM to be inserted so that if one SIM fails, or reaches its usage limit, a second sim can be switched over to.
  • Bonding: This feature combines the traffic of multiple streams into one to provide a stable connection.
  • Load balancing: Utilised to spread the usage of several users across several SIMS.
  • Triple-WAN connectivity: Offers three types of connectivity - ADSL, fibre, and cable.
  • Simultaneous dual-band: These routers transmit on both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ to maximise both speed and wireless range.