Put the Focus on Entertainment with 4K HDMI

Enabling 4K in your home can be easy, but it isnt just your TV and DVD player that will need to support 4K technology. When upgrading your home entertainment centre, youll need to ensure that your HDMI cables support 4K devices as well. Fortunately, buying a 4K HDMI cable on eBay is both easy and affordable.

What types of HDMI cables are 4K-compatible?

There are several versions of HDMI cables available. HDMI 2.0 should be your starting point when buying a 4K cable in order to ensure that it will work with your system. These are also known as high-speed HDMI cables. Older versions of HDMI cables often support 4K, but they might not support all of the features that your device can offer.

  • Many HDMI 1.4 cables can support 4K up to 30 fps.
  • High-speed 2.0 HDMI cables are 4K-compatible.
  • High-speed 2.0 HDMI cables with ethernet will support 4K and internet connectivity.
Does the length of an HDMI cable make a difference?

Yes, it can. Over certain lengths, copper HDMI cables can lose signal strength. If you need a longer cable, you should consider purchasing an active cable. Active cables can prevent signal degradation by actively boosting it. Another option is to buy a separate signal booster. Many HDMI extension cables come with built-in boosters. If you are buying an extension to use over a length of 15 metres or more, look for one that comes with a signal booster. If you are buying an HDMI extension, youll also want to ensure that its 4K-compatible.

Should you buy a fibre optic HDMI cable?

This might be a good choice if your system requires a long cable. Fibre optics wont suffer from signal loss or degradation, which means they dont need to be active or feature built-in signal boosters. Theyre a little more expensive than copper cables, but they are faster, longer lasting, and will help future-proof your system. As with all technology on the market, prices for fibre optic HDMI cables have dropped significantly since they were first introduced.

Will 4K HDMI cables work with other types of technologies?

Yes, they can. HDMI cables are backwards compatible, which means newer versions can support older devices. You can use older HDMI-compatible hardware with newer 4K HDMI cables, including set-top boxes and gaming consoles.