Some Facts You Need to Know About Buying 60cm x 60cm Cushion Covers

Pretty 60cm cushion covers have the potential to update the look of your room and brighten up a living space. There are 60cm x 60cm cushion covers from different manufacturers for use in various rooms of your home. On eBay, you can choose from a range of colours, designs, materials, and features of reasonably priced extra-large cushion covers for sale.

Which materials are cute 60cm x 60cm cushions made from?

The available materials of the stylish large cushion covers include:

  • Cotton and blends: Material like 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester, rayon, or other material is knit into fabric.
  • Other plant material: Jute, hemp, linen, viscose, or rayon is woven into fabric for covers that are designed for outdoor use.
  • Animal fibres: These include wool, silk, leather, and mink, which can be woven or seamed into a cover.
  • Synthetic: Corduroy, polyester, faux fur, and satin are some synthetic material options.
Types of reasonably priced 60cm cushion covers available on eBay

The available types of gently used or new 60cm x 60cm large cushion covers include:

  • Sofa cushion cover: These are used for the removable back or seat pillows on a sofa.
  • Bolster: These are typically used on a bed or daybed.
  • Floor: These large 60-centimetre cushion covers are made of durable materials for floor seating.
  • Box cushion cover: These are used on window seats and benches.
  • Back cushion: These are covers for decorative or throw pillows for armchairs or sofas.
Which patterns or themes of 60-centimetre cushion covers are available?

The available patterns and themes of the gently used or new 60-centimetre cushion covers include animal prints, which may feature fuzzy textures. There are also holiday and seasonal themes, including Christmas, winter, and autumnal designs. Geometric prints are also available, including stripes, dots, chevrons, and plaid. You could also choose pictorial or abstract designs.

Tips for choosing the right 60cm x 60cm cushions

When you're shopping for covers to fit 60cm x 60cm cushions, consider their:

  • Brand: Some options include Missoni, IKEA, and Homescapes.
  • Condition: Choose new or gently used 60-centimetre cushion covers.
  • Primary colour: The options include white, black, grey, beige, and the spectrum of rainbow colours. Multicolour designs are also available.
  • Texture: Select smooth fabric; rippled fabric, such as corduroy; or fuzzy fabric, such as faux fur.
  • Laundering options: Machine-washable, hand-washable, and dry-cleanable cushion covers are available.