Make an Impression with 60s Fancy Dress Costumes

Fancy dress costumes from a relatively recent decade are popular because outfits aren't so different from our own so as to be uncomfortable or impractical for dancing and moving around. Although the 1960s is closely associated with the hippy movement and flower power in many people's minds, it was also the era of Motown's greatest successes and the completely different stylistic choices of the mods. This makes the decade one of the most interesting when it comes to dressing up for a themed or fancy-dress party. Whatever style suits you, eBay has a wide range of 60s fancy dress costumes - and all at affordable prices.

What should you consider before purchasing 60s fancy dress costumes?

Apart from the price, you should also take into account factors such as:

  • Party-goer: Think about whether you want men's, women's, or matching his and hers costumes.
  • Sizes: Women's costumes are given in dress sizes (6-20) while men's costumes are sold by chest/leg measurements.
  • Clothes: Mini dresses, tops with flared bell sleeves, floating dresses, waistcoats, and flared trousers are all typical outfits of the 1960s.
  • Colours: These vary from the stark black and white of mod outfits to the brighter floral patterns and tie-dye printing of the hippy culture.
  • Materials: Cotton, polyester, PVC, and faux fur are some of the materials used in 60s fancy dress costumes.
  • Accessories: Always check the costume description to see which accessories are included with your purchase.
What accessories will you need for your 60s fancy dress costumes?

If accessories aren't supplied with the costume of your choice, they can easily be purchased separately on eBay. You might be interested in buying:

  • Headwear: Add authenticity to your costume with baker boy-style two-tone caps, floppy wide-brimmed hats, headbands, or headscarves.
  • Jewellery: Chokers, love beads, bangles, and long necklaces with pendants (such as with the peace sign) are all characteristic of the 1960s.
  • Footwear: Flat, open sandals, slip-on pumps, and knee-length PVC boots can all be worn depending on your outfit.
How should you wear your hair with your 60s fancy dress costumes?

Men's hair in the 1960s varied from the short-back-and-sides of mods to the long hair and beards of the hippies. For women, a sleek bob was characteristic of modettes while female hippies wore their hair long, straight, and without a fringe. A wide variety of wigs and false beards can be found on eBay if your hair is in the wrong style and/or length.