6ft super king size headboards and footboards

Your bed is the main focus of any bedroom. Although it should be super comfortable, it also needs to look good and fit in with the room too. One of the main benefits both headboards and footboards is that they can transform a boring bed into an eye-catching, stylish centrepiece. 

Available in a huge range of styles including traditional, contemporary and retro, eBay is the ideal place to find exactly what youre looking for. 

Chesterfield style super king headboards and footboards

For a really bold statement why not add a Chesterfield headboard and footboard to your bed. Available in a varied selection of designs and shapes, winged style Chesterfields give a feel of luxury and decadence, whilst a Cubes upholstered headboard or footboard offers a more contemporary feel. 

Youll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to fabrics and colours too, with everything from striking reds and blacks to calming pastel shades on offer. 

Chenille super king headboards and footboards

Chenille is a hardwearing fabric that provides a very popular finish. Indeed, chenille beds have grown massively in popularity in recent years. Chenille headboards and footboards come in all sorts of colours, including burgundy, cream, teal, black, brown, mink and charcoal. 

The fabric itself offers easy maintenance as all it needs is a careful vacuum or brush over with a soft brush. Even though it feels lovely and soft its actually very durable and doesnt need anything abrasive to clean it. 

Faux leather super king headboards and footboards

Faux leather headboards and footboards either come as PVC or as a mixture of materials like polyurethane and polyamide (called PU). PU material is simpler to maintain of the two, and its breathable and more eco-friendly. 

Faux leather is generally less expensive than real leather which makes it easier on the wallet. The material is chemically treated, meaning a high gloss shine can be added for extra wow factor. Its also UV treated so doesnt lose its colour over time.