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6 x 4 Car Trailers Are Useful for Most Types of Transportation and Loads

A car trailer can serve many purposes. You can use a car trailer for transporting various types of loads, as a home office, or as a camping and travel vehicle. Whatever your ultimate use, you can find an affordable new or used 6 x 4 car trailer for sale on eBay.

Types of 6 x 4 car trailers

These are some of the types of 6 x 4 car trailers you can find:

  • Enclosed utility trailers: Enclosed trailers are waterproof and resemble cargo boxes. The outside is usually aluminium, which provides protection for the cargo. These trailers can be of all sizes, with some big enough to house a car. Some enclosed trailers are used as mobile offices or temporary headquarters.
  • Open-air trailers: Utility car trailers are also available in an open-air configuration. These trailers have a plank floor and metal rails along three sides. The side rails are typically 33 centimetres high. These trailers are less expensive than enclosed trailers but do not offer as much protection.
  • Cargo trailers: Cargo trailers are enclosed trailers that can have various features. The most common sizes are 5 x 10 and 6 x 12. They usually have a door on one side, and the back of the trailer drops down for easy loading and unloading.
  • Box trailer: A box trailer is a small type of enclosed trailer. It is similar to a cargo trailer but is much smaller.
  • Camping trailer: A camping trailer is a towable trailer used for camping that can be various sizes and types. Some categories are fifth wheels, which have a goose-neck attachment that fits over the rear of a pick-up, and pop-ups, which are small expandable camping trailers.
What brands of car trailers are there?

There are many different brands of inexpensive car trailers that you can pull behind your vehicle. These are some of the brands of car trailers you will see listed for sale on eBay: Woodford Trailers, Blue-Line, Peak, Lynton, Hazlewood, Apache, Buffalo, Erde, Daxara, Maypole, AJC, Paxton, Bradley, Knott, Airstream, Wessex, Trailerland, Armitage, and Teardrop.

Standard dimensions of a 6 x 4 trailer

A 6 x 4 car trailer is around 1.82 metres by 1.22 metres in size. These are medium-sized trailers and usually have a single axle. Some enclosed trailers, such as larger enclosed trailers and camping trailers, have double axles.

Types of axles for car trailers

There are three types of axles on car trailers listed on eBay:

  • Straight axles: A straight axle is a straight square or round bar.
  • Drop axles: Drop axles have offset spindles and are slightly lower than a straight axle.
  • Torsion axles: Torsion axles are similar to a rectangular or square straight axle, but their bars have moving parts.
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