Explore the Opportunities With the 6V6 NOS Vacuum Tube

The 6V6 NOS is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube which is used in vintage table-top tube-powered radios and guitar amplifiers that are still being made today. You will find a wide range of these products available on eBay to keep these audio products powered up.

What factors matter when purchasing the 6V6 NOS tubes?

The 6V6 tubes in NOS (New old stock) condition are designed to power up vintage tube electronics as well as some model products used today. There are some points to remember when selecting the tube that is right for your needs. These considerations include the following.

  • Pin condition: The pins of the vacuum tube should be straight and not show any signs of damage.
  • Filament condition: The filament should be grey or black in colour. If this component is white or ashy, this could indicate that the tube will not work as it is designed to.
  • Glass condition: The glass encasement of the tube should be solid and free of cracks or chipping. The markings on the tube should be clear and easy to read.
  • Cost: With a variety of 6V6 tubes offered on eBay, you will be able to compare the different options by the cost. This will give you the ability to make the wisest investment for your money.
What is a NOS in a 6V6 NOS tube?

The NOS found in a 6V6 NOS tube stands for its condition which is listed in new old stock. This means the tube you are researching is no longer being produced but has never been used as of yet. Many NOS model tubes should come packaged in their original packaging so you can see all manufacturer regulations and standards included with the product.

Why do NOS 6V6 tubes cost more than new products?

The NOS 6V6 tubes are an original stock that is no longer being produced to the same specifications. The reason for the gap in cost between NOS products and new products is due to the originality and rarity of the product you wish to purchase.

What features does the 6V6 NOS tube have?

There are several features that can be found built into the 6V6 NOS vacuum tube. These features include the following.

  • Pin design - The tube has a 9-pin design.
  • Tube interior colour - The interior of the tube is black in colour and provides evidence of the ability for the tube to function as it is intended to do.
  • Glass encasement - The exterior glass encasement is imprinted with the branding of the specific tube you select.
  • Exterior core - A black exterior core is centred around the pins. This core aids in holding the tube in position.

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