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Take Care of Your Travelling Needs With an 8-Seater Car

8-seater cars are suitable vehicles for large families and groups. Finding the right vehicle on eBay will grant you both space and the functionality that you need to take care of your family or group's travel needs.

SUV vs van-based 8-seater cars

You can opt for either an SUV or a van for your travelling needs. Large SUVs are a better choice than vans if you are looking for vehicles that are more stylish and refined. They also have more towing power. However, vans are more pocket-friendly and spacious than SUVs. Besides, various van manufacturers have stepped up the comfort features of their 8-seater vehicles, including Nissan and Ford.

Factors to consider when choosing an 8-seater car

The things to keep in mind when buying an 8-seater car on eBay are:

  • The seat configuration: The standard setting is of fixed two front seats and versatile second and third rows. The higher the versatility, the better, as it takes care of your emergency space needs. The 8-seater Turneo Custom, for example, claims to have 30 possible seat configurations.
  • Year of manufacture: If you are buying the car from another country, then this is crucial, especially if your country has an age limit on vans and SUVs. Most sellers provide this in the listing. However, you can confirm this by asking the seller for the serial number of the car and running it on the manufacture's registry.
  • Maintenance profile: Insist on checking the maintenance log for the car. Check for significant repairs or replacements. You can ask your mechanic for advice on the possible effects of such changes.
Why choose an 8-seater SUV with sliding doors?

Sliding doors are useful in large cars as they improve the accessibility of tight spaces. However, you will find them on luxury 8-seater vans such as the Mercedes V-class but not an SUV. It is because sliding doors turn an SUV into a mini-van or its look-alike. Manufacturers want to keep this distinction clear, even if the difference between them is just the door and a beautiful interior.

What body types are available for 8-seater vehicles?

As well as MPV and SUV 8-seater models, you can also find estate, sedan, saloon, and limousine-style body types. When choosing an 8-seater car, consider not only the comfort of your passengers, but also the journey that you intend to regularly handle. Commercial usage for funerals and business clients might require more opulence and visible luxury, while sports teams and family travel would benefit from greater bulk cargo capacities.

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