Express Your Unique Style in 80's Clothing for Women

Fashion has a cyclic nature, and garments that were once trendy are bound to become obsolete… only to come back boasting renewed vigour. Whether you consider yourself a trend-setter whose taste is for 80's fashion, or you're planning a fancy dress outfit that channels the best of Bananarama, eBay has a range of 80's clothing for women to suit all budgets.

What are the key features of 80's fashion?

The 80's were a time where the fashion norm called for a bit of dramatic flair. Be it power-dressing or punk, the decade saw an exuberant move towards bold outfits and eye-catching accessories. Common themes of the era included:

  • Oversized, attention-grabbing jewellery.
  • Wide shoulders.
  • Underwear as outerwear.
  • Neon colours and bright accessories.
What is the best 80's theme for fancy dress?

If you want your costume to be instantly recognisable, consider one of the female icons of 80's music:

  • Madonna: In a corset, tutu skirt, leggings, and religious iconography in the form of layered jewellery, the Material Girl will be instantly identifiable. Add fingerless gloves, a lace bow in your hair, and a zippered, leather jacket, and no one will be asking 'Who's That Girl?'
  • Cyndi Lauper: With spray-on, multi-coloured hair, clashing prints, and leather accessories, you're ready for the karaoke classic 'Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun'.
  • Cher: Make it skin tight and sequinned, or see-though, tasselled and beaded, and you will be able to Turn Back Time with ease.
What's easiest 80's outfit to put together from your existing wardrobe?

Sometimes, you'll need an 80's vibe on a budget. Although eBay offer a wide range of affordable 80's clothing for women, you can save a little cash by building on something you already own. Consider dressing up as:

  • Joan Collins: The grande dame of power-dressers, she led the way with shoulder pads and statement necklaces. Think Dynasty-style TV show glamour with big hair and bold make-up.
  • Jane Fonda: Although athleisure kick-started in the 70's, by the 1980's fitness fashion had gathered speed with Ms Fonda at the helm. Wear pastel tights and legwarmers, choose a high-cut leotard, add a belt and a headband, and you'll be ready to Get Physical in style.
  • Bananarama: This post-punk trio rocked rocked stripey t-shirts tucked into high-waisted jeans, thick white socks, and lace-up brogues, all topped off with a back-combed bouffant hairdo. Add a slash of red lippy and you'll Really Say Something at the party.
  • Alex Owens: For those without much time, the lead character of Flashdance is perfect - all you need is an over-sized, grey sweatshirt and a pair of red heels.