80s T-Shirts

Make the Past Look Great with an 80s T-Shirt

For anyone interested in that classic retro look, an 80s T-shirt is a must-have. The themes vary widely, and you can get just about any 80s pop culture reference on a T-shirt. You can find T-shirts in all kinds of styles to match your look on eBay. Get a new or vintage 80s T-shirt and enjoy the versatility it offers.

How do you correctly size an 80s T-shirt?

T-shirt brands dont use the same measurements, hence the need to work out your accurate fit before buying. You may find that a size larger from one brand is smaller than a medium from the next one or vice versa. A good size is an athletic fit that is not too baggy nor too tight. Know the measurements of your torso and use them to pick the correct size. Compare this with the width of a T-shirt from pit to pit. The clothing should leave a bit of room for movement. Measure the shoulders accurately as well. The sleeves should not exceed half of the arm. For the length, find a T-shirt that rests just above the hips or belt buckle.

Which branding methods are used on 80s T-shirts?

The branding on an 80s T-shirt is part of its design and, therefore, will influence the look and authenticity of the piece. Each branding method has its advantages. The common choices include:

  • Screen printing: A screen is used to make details on a T-shirt using ink. This method delivers good graphics that can last throughout the lifetime of the clothing.
  • Iron-on-heat transfer: A design is transferred into the T-shirt surface using heat and this allows great graphic detail. For 80s T-shirts with intricate patterns or designs, this technique is more suitable as it also provides a broad range of colour alternatives.
  • Vinyl cutting: The technique involves a special cloth that is cut into specific designs that are transferred onto a T-shirt through heat press. It is suitable for small graphics.
What is the difference between a mounted and regular collar?

An 80s T-shirt can have the standard collar, which is sewn underneath the fabric or a mounted one that goes on top of the hem. The design of the mounted collar gives it a more defined shape that contributes to the look of the T-shirt. This type of collar also tends to hold its shape for longer than a regular collar. Although mounted collars are not very common, some manufacturers still use the design on contemporary T-shirts.