8x12 Inch Photo Frames

Create Balance With A4 Photo Frames

Think of A4 picture frames as an extension of the image you are framing. They work in harmony with the colours within the photographs or artwork to draw attention to the piece when you walk into a room. Read on to find out how inexpensive A4 picture frames help balance your photos.

What are you framing?

The first thing to consider when buying picture frames is what is going inside them. Any piece that measures 21.0 x 29.7 centimetres, or 8.27 x 11.69 inches, can use an A4 picture frame. Use A4 picture frame sizes for:

  • Photographs
  • Prints
  • Completed puzzles
  • Slogan art
  • Awards and certificates
Where will you place it?

Picture frames are both practical and decorative. So, it’s always a good idea to think about where to place the images before you buy a frame. Do you want the piece to serve as a focal point on a mantel, shelf, or tabletop? Or will you mount it on a wall along with other frames to create a gallery?

How will you display it?

Stands, D-rings, and other components on the back of the frame allow you to display the piece vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape). Use portrait orientation when the photo is taller than wide, and apply landscape orientation for wide shots, street scenes, and skylines.

Types of A4 photo frames

Picture frames come in a range of colours and textures. Still, the primary reasons for purchasing new or pre-owned photo frames are to complement the artwork or photo as well as coordinate with your home or office decor. When searching for low-priced A4 picture frames on eBay, consider the following.

  • Wood photo frames: The natural material adds a classic touch to any room. Try inexpensive mahogany and walnut frames to complement the images with warm tones like brown and red, and surround cool tones, such as blues and greens, with oak, pine, and ash frames.
  • Metallic photo frames: This trendy frame lifts a picture’s colouring, making it appear more vibrant. Use it for family portraits, graduation pictures, and wedding photos.
  • White A4 picture frames and A4 black picture frames: These frames work well with candid shots of people playing sports, dancing, and other off-guard moments. The colours bring out contrasting hues to make the image pop.
  • Multi photo frames: A combination of miniature frames inside of an A4 frame allows you to display multiple pictures.
  • A4 picture frame with mount: This frame within a frame features a contrasting cardboard-like mat that sits within the moulding to create a stunning visual effect.