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Print High-Volume, Large Copies Conveniently with an A2 Printer

An A2 printer can print on sheets measuring up to 420 x 594 mm so it is possible to do a lot with just one printer. A large A2-sized printer is suitable for individuals or organisations that frequently need to print on large sheets for creative or design projects. Visuals are much easier to see when they are expanded onto large sheets of paper. There are a multitude of purchasing options available on eBay for A2 printers, so you will be able to find the right balance between quality and affordability.

Is an inkjet printer better than a laser printer?

Inkjet and laser printers use two different technologies, so it is difficult to say objectively which one is better. They are respectively designed for different purposes and each excels in its own, individual ways. Here are the major differences between the two printing technologies:

  • Inkjet Printer: Its short warmup time allows it to print from standby mode in a matter of seconds. Inkjets produce clear, full-colour prints. Ink cartridges tend to be more expensive than laser printers, but the printer itself is usually affordable.
  • Laser Printer: Suited for high-volume black and white printing, laser printers are quite expensive to buy, but their ink cartridges are more economical. Copies come out much faster than inkjet printers, helping to save time.
Which types of media can an A2 printer print on?

Apart from regular office-grade copy paper, most A2 printers can also produce stunning photos on glossy paper. The large size allows the flexibility to print large items, such as detailed satellite images, wall maps, and even posters. A2 printers also produce office stationery on premium paper, like calendars, flyers, and lined or graph paper, so there is no need to purchase such prints. Conveniently, they can all be done in-house. An inkjet printer can also print on fabrics with the right setup, making it easy to customise a brand across several media.

How fast can an A2 printer print?

Full-colour prints on regular paper at 360 dpi can come out of a typical A2 printer in just over 1 minute. For prints requiring higher quality, 2400 dpi full-colour prints can be produced on glossy photo paper in under 4 minutes. Printing speeds may vary from model to model, so please see the manufacturer’s site for further details.

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