Create Eye-Catching Documents With A4 Coloured Paper

Whether you're creating class handouts for school, passing out flyers to promote your business, or keeping track of important documents in the office, coloured paper creates memorable, eye-catching documents. To find the paper that's right for your needs and budget, explore the wide range of multi-coloured A4 paper available on eBay.

Why use coloured paper?

A4 colour paper serves a wide range of different purposes. Using coloured paper can help you keep different types of documents organised; if all your new membership forms are on light green copy paper, for instance, you'll always know which forms are for new members. Bright colours help attract attention at a distance, which can help a flyer, announcement, or advertisement stand out from the usual white sheets without the expense of colour printing.

Understanding paper terminology

When choosing your paper, it's important to know whether what you're buying is right for you. Different kinds of paper have different properties; in order to understand this, you'll need to know a few key terms, including the following:

  • Gloss finish: Paper with a gloss finish has a slick, shiny surface. This type of paper is typically used for printing photographs, although coloured paper with a semi-gloss finish does exist.
  • GSM: Short for "grammes per square metre", this measures the paper's density. The higher the GSM, the heavier the paper; a typical copier paper is around 80 GSM.
  • Matte finish: Unlike traditional photo paper, matte photo paper has a dull finish that resists finger marks but lacks gloss paper's shine.
  • Ream: The ream is a traditional measurement of paper. A ream once contained 480 sheets of paper, but now usually contains 500 sheets.
Why use a coloured notepad?

In addition to coloured photocopy paper, more and more people are making use of coloured notepads. Some users find coloured paper, especially lighter colours, such as light blue or green, easier to read in some lighting conditions. As an added bonus, using a distinctively-coloured notepad means you never have to worry about knowing which notepad is yours in a class or conference room.

Using coloured paper for crafts

The many uses of coloured A4 paper extend beyond the office. Packs of multi-coloured paper are ideal for collages and other craft projects. If you're looking for something heavier and more robust, look for packs of coloured cardstock. Light cardstock begins at around 145 GSM, with heavier card ranging up to around 215 GSM, the typical weight of a business card.