A Buying Guide for A4 Paper Reams

Buying A4 paper reams seems like one of the easiest things that you can do, but the truth is that there is a lot to consider when it comes to paper. From weight to brightness, there are many factors that can help you choose the right paper for any need. You'll find nearly every type of A4 paper reams stock at eBay at a price that will suit your budget, so read on to learn more about these products.

How do you determine the right paper weight?

A4 paper comes in various weights that determine its thickness and density. Measured as grams per square metre or GSM, this refers to how heavy a single sheet would be if it were one square metre. Multipurpose A4 paper starts at around 80GSM and goes up to around 100GMS. Resume and other formal papers are often around 110GSM to 120GSM.

Card stock and other thick stocks are typically around 160GSM to 200GSM. Thin stock, such as archival and newspaper, is usually around 50GSM. The right weight mostly depends on how thick you need the paper to be, so be sure to consider its purpose before making a purchase.

How do you choose the right A4 paper ream brightness?

When choosing between A4 paper reams, you'll often see a measurement for paper brightness. That shows how much light shines back whenever light shines on the paper. A value of 100 means that equal light shines back while anything over 100 means the paper reflects more light than the original light source. While 100 is the standard, anything over 100 is good if you want the paper to look shiny. Anything under 100 is good if you want matte paper.

What are some different types of A4 paper reams?

Paper stock refers to what type of paper you choose and for what you can use it. Here are some of the most common stocks and how to use them:

  • Multipurpose: This paper stock is thick enough to be used for formal communication but thin enough to go through standard copiers and printers. As the name suggests, this paper can be used for many different purposes.
  • Card stock: This one is a thicker type of paper that can be cut into cards or used for thick flyers or brochures. It comes in a variety of colours.
  • Resume: This type of paper often made with a woven texture, is good for resumes or official communication.
  • Colour: This paper feels similar to multipurpose, but the difference is it comes in bright colours. It's good for flyers or letters that you want people to notice.