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Everything You Need to Know About AJS Matchless Motorcycle Parts

Matchless Motorcycles were manufactured in the UK between 1899 and 1967. In 1931, the company took over the firm A. J. Stevens and Co. and became known as AJS Matchless Motorcycles. You’ll find the new and pre-owned AJS Matchless spares you’re looking for when you shop on eBay.

Categories of Matchless AJS spares

Each category represents key components used by vintage Matchless motorcycles:

  • Air intake and fuel delivery: Air filters, carburettors, fuel caps and filters, fuel hoses, throttles, and more
  • Bodywork and frame: Panels, shock shields, motorcycle grommets, mud guards, fenders, and more
  • Brakes and brake parts: Brake discs, shoes, drums, and lines; master cylinders; callipers; and more
  • Crash protection: Dresser bars, bushes, engine guards, crash protection kits, and more
  • Drivetrain and transmission: Clutch cables, covers, and master and slave cylinders; differentials; driveshafts; and more
  • Electrical and ignition parts: Alternators, lights, ignition leads and wires, batteries, and more
  • Engines and engine parts: Grilles, radiators, crankshafts, camshafts, complete engines, and more
  • Exhausts and exhaust systems: Manifolds, gaskets, mufflers, pipes, and more
  • Footrests, pedals, and pegs: Clamps, mounts, and more
  • Handlebars, grips, and levers: Handlebars, levers, and more
  • Lighting and mirrors: Bulbs, assemblies, headlights, brake lights, mirrors, and more
  • Instruments and gauges: Fuel gauges, odometers, temperature gauges, and more
Can affordable AJS Matchless spares be used interchangeably between Matchless AJS motorcycle models?

No. The company made a lot of changes in each new model they manufactured, and this means there’s relatively little interchangeability between parts.

Can you use aftermarket spares for Matchless motorcycles?

Aftermarket spares such as brake cables, chains, drive sprockets, fuel taps, bearings, and electrical components can be used with vintage Matchless motorcycles. Some riders have also successfully substituted Japanese-made carburettors for the original carburettor. You may need to tweak these parts before you install them in order to keep your AJS Matchless motorcycle performing the way you’re used to having it perform.

Are parts for AJS Stormers the same as classic AJS Matchless parts?

No. After the original AJS Matchless company went out of business, the AJS name was sold to a team that specialised in tooling AJS parts. In the 1990s, this business concern was relaunched as AJS Motorcycles Ltd. However, the lightweight motorcycles and scooters the company manufactures and distributes do not resemble classic Matchless motorcycles, and the parts are not interchangeable.