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Got one to sell?

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ASUS Eee Netbooks

ASUS Eee netbooks come in a variety of different screen, memory and storage sizes. They are a convenient, portable way to carry out computing tasks.

ASUS Eee netbooks come in a variety of memory sizes. The bigger the memory or RAM , the faster the netbook should be able to perform different tasks at the same time. RAM sizes usually start at around 1 gigabyte (GB) and go up to 8GB.

Modern laptops are coming with larger and larger hard drive storage capacity. For ASUS Eee netbooks, the storage will usually range from around 100GB, all the way up to 2 terabytes. A terabyte equals 1000GB.

For people who are going to store lots of large files like films or large music collections, a large storage netbook is the best bet, for those looking to complete basic tasks like word processing or spreadsheets, a smaller storage capacity will be fine.

Screen Size

Screen sizes for ASUS Eee netbooks will generally be in the 12 to 14.9 inch range. There will be some in smaller sizes. The screen size needed will depend on how the netbook is going to be used. For leisure use, most sizes will be ok, but for extended periods of working, a larger screen may come in handy and make certain tasks easier to perform.

Operating System

ASUS Eee netbooks will usually come with the operating system already installed. So for very recent ones, this might mean it has Windows 10 on it.

For older models, the operating system may now not be supported. This would be the case for netbooks with Windows XP. Windows Vista is to become unsupported from April 2017.


New items will often come with a warranty lasting, in general, between 12 and 24 months. It may be possible to get longer warranties, but this could come at an extra cost.

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