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Got one to sell?

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ASUS Laptop Housings and Touchpads

Asus computers tend to be sleeker and lighter than a lot of brands on the market, so if you are less interested in a desktop replacement and more interested in a portable option, this is the path to follow. It is a prominent brand in the netbook and laptop market and Asus laptop housings and touchpads are highly regarded.

The first step to take is defining exactly which part or component fits your requirements and (perhaps less importantly) what colour you want. Over the years, companies have led us to believe that the only important criteria for purchasing a laptop are technical specifications like processor power, hard disk size and RAM. However, it is very important to be proactive in how you look at the housing and touchpad you get, especially when it comes to replacing or upgrading it.

When you consider the housing for a laptop, you will mostly concern yourself with the lid, the bottom case and the bezel . Asus notebooks have very solidly built components, which are high quality and the internal design is also quite practical. Portability is a factor and most people are looking for a manageable weight (from 1-1.5kg)

The quality of a touchpad is generally a reliable sign of the overall quality of the laptop itself. If a laptop has a smooth touchpad, it is likely to have good overall build quality. The touchpad for a laptop has to be sufficiently responsive, making the cursor on the screen move smoothly. It should feel smooth and responsive to pressing, swiping and dragging movements. Be sure to do your research and make sure the items you purchase will work with what you already have, such as your keyboard and internal components.

All in all, the build quality of a laptop is critical because it also determines how long it will last. Laptops with aluminium or magnesium alloy bodies, or carbon fibre bodies are best for longer life, but can be pretty expensive. Your colour options will be wider with plastic components.

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