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Up Your Audio Game With Acoustic Energy Speakers

Whether your musical demands require studio-quality playback, connectivity between your devices, or suitability for outdoor events, Acoustic Energy has the right speakers for your needs. eBay has a huge range of models and price points for you to choose from.

How do you decide which Acoustic Energy speakers you need?

Acoustic Energy speakers fall into 6 families, with each range able to cater to a more specific need:

  • Reference - Designed to meet even the most demanding of performance requirements, the Reference range is exceptional in the way it looks and the way it performs.
  • AE1 Active - Taking into account all hi-fi systems, the AE1 Active speakers have been specifically produced to deliver high-quality performance in a convenient package.
  • 300 Series - Manufactured to highlight the premium nature of Acoustic Energy’s products for medium- to small-sized rooms, the award-winning 300 Series provides clean audio in a surprisingly small package.
  • 100 Series - Refined audio at an entry-level price, the 100 Series provides high-quality audio and powerful bass performance in a compact speaker.
  • Aego - Sleek speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, the Aego range has superior response and clarity, which combine to provide a superb performance.
What should you consider when buying Acoustic Energy Speakers?

For a true audiophile, AE1 Active or Reference 3 speakers will provide the clarity that you crave. If you need great acoustics on a tighter budget, the AE120 or AE300s will suit. If you’re on the go, the Aego range makes for great travel companions, while the Extreme series - which is housed to withstand the rigours of the outdoors such as moisture, humidity, and extreme temperature changes - is an excellent choice for in-the-wild events.

How compatible are Acoustic Energy speakers with other brands?

You can use Acoustic Energy speakers to upgrade your existing home audio system, although you should always see the manufacturer site for details on power compatibility. In short:

  • The Aego range includes the Aego Sound3ar and can be partnered with your television to provide it with the bass and amplification that you might feel it lacks.
  • The Aego BT2 and Aego³ can pair with Bluetooth devices.
  • All speakers in the 100, 300, Reference, and AE1 Active series are designed to connect to your audio systems while still providing the expected Acoustic Energy sound.
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