What You Should Know About Adidas Berlin Shoes

A highly popular company, Adidas has created multiple lines of sneakers to complement a variety of preferences and uses|. One of their most popular lines, however, is the Berlin line. eBay now offers these trainer-style shoes online for a reasonable price.

What materials are Adidas Berlin shoes constructed from?

There are multiple materials featured in the Berlin shoe that make it both stylish and comfortable to wear. These materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Polyester
  • Rubber
  • Cotton

These materials make for a shoe that is not only comfortable to walk or run in, but also look clean and consistently stylish for a long period of time without wear and tear affecting the aesthetic of the shoes. The soft feeling of the shoes also comes from a microfibre that provides the wearer with added comfort and support around the ankles and the feet. Further heel support is added to the shoe via a Framaprene Heel counter, a support system that is made almost entirely of recycled materials.

What colours and designs do Adidas Berlin shoes come in?

The Berlin line features a gold foil on the exterior, which is exclusive to the make of this type of shoe. The primary colours are also shaded in a lighter manner in order to contrast with the darker stripes used as part of the design. The bottom of the shoe has been coloured brown, a lighter contrast to both the shoe’s primary colour and the stripe of the shoe. The shoe itself can be purchased in various colours such as "Argentina Blue" and "Sky Blue." Other types of designs and colours for sale also include "Dark Marine," among others. The inside of the shoes usually follow the same colour scheme as the outside, but they may be lighter to add contrast to the overall product. The classic "Berlin" logo is also placed on top of the three stripes in upside-down text.

What are some useful activities for Adidas Berlin shoes?

Adidas Berlin shoes are reliable when it comes to casual walking. The comfortable sole makes it easier for the wearer to take extended walks if they choose to. Since these shoes are also low tops, they make for easy compatibility with a wide variety of outfits. Because of this, you could also use these shoes to model in if you have a profession in it. It is also common to be able to run comfortably in Adidas Berlin's due to the comfort of the material.

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