Stay Timeless with an Adidas Originals T-Shirt

Since its debut in 1973, the Adidas Originals tee has been a mainstay amongst the fashion-conscious. The signature 3-stripe and trefoil Adidas logo has become synonymous with classic retro 70s style. Made of high-quality cotton, the Adidas Originals T-shirt will keep you comfortable as well as looking incredible. The styles are truly timeless, and you can bet that these T-shirts will keep you looking sharp for years to come. Browse a wide variety of designs and purchase your very own iconic T-shirt on eBay.

What should you consider when looking to purchase an Adidas Originals T-Shirt?

Adidas has been around for over 40 years and as such, there are a lot of options to choose from. In order to get the right T-shirt for you, you should think about the following before buying an Adidas T-shirt of your choice:

  • Size: Adidas Original tees are available in sizes for men, women, and juniors. They come in a slim-fit so you should double check the specific sizing details on the manufacturer's website to make sure that you choose the best size for you.
  • Design: There are a variety of different Originals designs available in a wide range of different colours. You should make sure you browse thoroughly, in order to find the perfect design for you.
  • Sleeves: You'll find that some T-shirts are available with a long-sleeved option, which is perfect for wearing under a jacket during the cold winter months.
How should you wash your Adidas Originals T-shirt?

To keep your T-shirt in optimal condition and ensure durability, Adidas recommends that you machine wash it on a cold delicate cycle. You should wash and iron the T-shirt inside out (and don't iron any of the logos, which could deteriorate due to contact with extreme heat). You should dry the T-shirt on a rack or tumble dry it on low heat. Bleach will damage the T-shirts and should be avoided. Use a mild detergent rather than a cleaning product that contains harsh chemicals.

Is the Adidas Originals T-shirt appropriate for exercising?

The Originals line is focused on aesthetics and is made of 100% cotton. The T-shirts are suitable for weightlifting but are not ideal if you are doing cardiovascular exercise. You would be better served by an Adidas Climalite sports T-shirt for working out. You can find a variety of these available for sale on eBay.

Does the Originals line only include T-shirts?

While the Adidas Originals line is famous for incredible retro T-Shirts, they also produce other classics, such as stylish trainers and high-quality jumpers.

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