Common Questions about Aerial Boosters

HDTV digital broadcasts bring HD-quality video to over-the-air television broadcasts, but its reception of digital TV broadcasts can be more difficult. Aerial signal boosters can help improve your reception of HDTV or analogue broadcasts by increasing the signal received by your TV antenna.

How do you choose an HDTV aerial booster?

Aerial signal boosters are designed for different situations and applications. Below are the features to look for when choosing an affordable digital aerial booster on eBay:

  • Coaxial cable: There are a couple of different types of coaxial cables used for TV signals. It's important to ensure that the booster you get is compatible with the cable you will be using with it.
  • Signal splitting: If you need a booster to compensate for splitting an antenna signal multiple times in a household, look for boosters on eBay that are designed for this scenario.
  • Indoors or outdoors: If you need to install the booster outdoors, you'll need one that's weatherproof.
What are some common uses of aerial signal boosters?

Aerial boosters are a general category of electronics that can be applied for many situations, including the following:

  • Digital TV boosters: These boosters are designed specifically for improving TV broadcast reception especially when combined with an indoor TV antenna.
  • Radio antenna boosters: Aerial boosters can also help improve signal strength for analogue radio and TV antennas, including FM, UHF, and CB radio frequencies.
  • Cell signal boosters: These aerial boosters are designed to provide a boost to cell service in a local area like your home.
  • Wi-Fi boosters: There are also boosters designed specifically for extending the range of a Wi-Fi network signal or increase the signal's strength near dead zones.
What is an aerial booster?

Aerial boosters are sometimes called "antenna amplifiers." They are electronic devices designed to amplify the signal received by an antenna to improve the reception of an analogue or digital television signal even though they can be used in any situation in which a signal is received through an antenna.

How does an aerial booster work?

Aerial boosters usually function as a simple signal amplifier, meaning that the entire signal that enters the device will be boosted. This doesn't always improve signal quality since noise and crossover signals will be amplified as well. Some aerial boosters include noise filters to help isolate and improve the signal reception to compensate for this. They are most effective when the reception problem is a weak signal and not a noisy one. This can happen when using indoor antennas for TV reception or when a signal is split between too many multiple end users.