Important Facts When Buying Aerial Extension Cables

An aerial extension cable allows you to connect your outside connection point to your television, radio, or wireless internet points indoors without overstretching the current service lines. You will find the aerial extension cables you need available on eBay.

What features are important when buying aerial extension cables?

To accommodate equipment such as cable boxes, modems, radios, and other such electronics in your home, it is sometimes necessary to use aerial extension cables to receive proper signals for service. For this reason, there are certain features that you should pay attention to when purchasing these cables for use. These features include:

  • Connections: To ensure a proper connection from the incoming point to the device that needs to receive the signal, you will want to pay attention to the connection points. These points will either be female or male and will have a push-on or a screw-on end.
  • Length: To properly accommodate the location of your electronic device from the incoming signal point, you will need to measure the length the cable should be.
  • Cable rating: Extension cables carry a rating that allows you to see how sturdy it is. An RG-6 rating is desired.
When should you consider getting an aerial extension cable?

There are different situations that would require you to get an extension cable for your electronics, such as stereos, SATA devices, modems, and other such equipment. Common reasons for doing so include:

  • Re-configuration: This occurs when the layout of a room requires moving these pieces of equipment.
  • Damage: This is destruction to existing cables that prevents a strong signal from being received by the equipment you are using.
  • Addition: This happens when you’re adding new equipment to a grouping, such as another SATA box or more modems.
What material options are available for aerial extension cable ends?

The ends of an extension cable are important for transferring signals from an incoming point to the equipment that you wish to receive it. The materials used for constructing these ends can determine the strength of the signal that is transferred. Most extension cable ends are made of materials such as steel, aluminium, or gold plating.

What is an aerial extension cable kit?

An extension cable kit is a kit that often contains multiple pieces for making a signal connection. Each of these kits can contain different pieces to make the connection from the incoming point to the equipment you wish to receive the signal. However, the most common pieces found within an aerial extension cable kit include the cables (of various sizes), guide pieces, and splitters.