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Agfa Vintage Box Camera

A great item to have as an ornament, an Agfa vintage box camera can also be used as an actual camera in a retro style. It's increasingly popular for people to have vintage camera equipment on display in their homes, providing a classic 20th century vibe to your décor.

Box cameras

Box cameras are so called because of their shape. They are in the form of a rectangular box, with the internal workings and film fitted completely inside. A complex set of lenses and photographic plate mechanisms allows you to take the picture while holding the box or resting it on a flat surface.

Agfa cameras are famous throughout the world for the quality of the images they produce, with Agfa having a long history of photographic film manufacture. This helped them to develop a range of cameras that made the most of the properties of the film, thus leading to a better end result than might otherwise have been achieved with a different type of camera.

Types available

The classic box camera is a black colour. Agfa made many varieties of this type of camera over the years, with the 1950s perhaps being their heyday. Many examples of these black box cameras are available, some still in their own carry case or with their original vintage accessories .

One of the most striking elements of many of the Agfa vintage box cameras on offer is the multiple lenses at the front of the camera. These help to give the camera its unique picture taking functionality and are definitely a talking point for anyone who sees them.

Agfa brand

The origins of the Agfa brand date back to Germany in the 1860s, with the company originally making dyes and colourings. They developed into photographic plates and eventually camera equipment and accessories, once the company merged with the camera factory of another firm, Bayer, in the 1920s.

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