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Air Conditioning

Designed to keep the air in a room fresh and cool, air conditioning systems are available in portable, free-standing or fixed options and are manufactured by leading brands such Daikin, Amcor and LG. A selection of air conditioning parts can also be purchased for spares and repairs.

Some air conditioning systems include features such as humidification, purification and ionisation to improve indoor climate and overall wellbeing. All units can be controlled at the simple touch of a button with many having remote controlled options so that temperature can easily be adjusted.

All systems work on the same principle, absorbing and expelling heat from the air to the outdoors and pushing chilled dry air inside. Units comprise four parts: an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and an expansion device. Many units feature heat pump technology which enables systems to both heat and cool air.

Floor standing Units

Floor standing air conditioning units can be purchased across a range of powers, from 1000-1499W units to 4000-7999W high-performance systems. These machines often have window mountable hoses which pump out condensation with exhaust air, removing the need to empty tanks of water. The speed at which the fan oscillates can also be easily adjusted for fast cooling and clear LED displays will let the user know how the unit is performing. Fitted with smooth glide castors, such units can be moved about with ease.

Portable Units

Portable air conditioning systems are another option for cooling the home and these can also be moved from room to room to suit your needs. These more compact, smaller scale designs can also feature de-humidifiers to further condition the air, with many working on economical 65W power.

Fixed Units

Industrial strength fixed air conditioning units offer the most power. These systems can come with over 10000W of power with an inverter, de-humidifier and remote controlled options. Suitable for commercial premises, many of these units comprise ducted systems with a high fan velocity to deliver cooling to multiple outlets via duct pipes.

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