Aircraft and aviation for your flight-related interest

Aircraft include any aids or machines that allow humans to travel throughout the sky with no direct contact with the ground. Aviation involves operating an aircraft, developing or designing aircraft, and manufacturing or assisting aircraft in operating safely. Put the two words together and aircraft and aviation become enchanting. Ignite your imagination while browsing through aircraft for sale through eBay.

What kind of aircraft and aviation items are for sale?

Many items you may not think of as airplanes fall in the category of aircraft and aviation. View this category for flight-related items to buy if aviation is your cup of tea or to use as a birthday or Chrimbo gift. Here are some ideas:

  • Nostalgic pieces – aviation-related memorabilia such as magazines or posters.
  • Hard-to-find things – including seats for small aircraft, individual seats or sets of seating rows for commercial craft.
  • Education-related – if you run a flight school or small operation, it’s handy to locate used simulator equipment to use as replacements or for spare parts.
  • Engines and turbines – the prudent pilot or aircraft and power plant mechanic knows having spare parts at hand makes all the difference when timing matters.
  • Aircraft Kits – invest in your future career or the hobby you’ve always wanted. Find a light aircraft for sale and fly it yourself. Choosing a cool microlight for sale or building one from a kit makes it unique.
Are there any tips for choosing an aircraft or aviation item?

There are many aeronautic-related aspects to help you decide which items suit your needs. If you already own an aircraft, you might find junk planes for sale that have exactly the spare parts your craft needs. Perhaps you want a distinctive living space. If you do, look for a fuselage for sale.

If accessories suit your fancy, check out aircraft parts for items like a free wheel, gearbox, igniter plug and more. Logbooks and log cards showing the number of hours left before the mandatory overhaul are cool collectibles. If you want the feel of open air while you fly, look at microlights for a smashing ultralight trike.

What are some aircraft and aviation-related features?

You might be chuffed to bits finding awesome old airplanes for sale. Another bloke might have something entirely different in mind. Here’s some handy information to keep in mind about different aircraft features:

  • Rotorcraft – this refers to features used on a helicopter. Also referred to as variable prop.
  • Single-engine land – if you want to fly a small airplane like a Cessna or a Piper, look for this designation. Also known as fixed-pitch prop.
  • Lighter than air – dirigibles or blimps fall in this niche.
  • Weight-shift-control aircraft category – your microlights, ultralights and powered paragliders are in this class.