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Akita Dog Signs & Plaques

A large breed of dog originating in Japan, the Akita has become a very popular choice for dog owners over recent years.

There are many different types of sign and plaque that are focused on the Akita breed. These include signs or plaques that include a message or those of a memorial nature.

Types of Akita Dog Sign and Plaque

  • Car window sticker – a plastic or vinyl sticker for the inside window of your car, indicating you have an Akita on board or some other suitable messag
  • Beware of the Akita – a twist on the classic “beware of the dog” message. These can also be combined with humorous messages.
  • Wooden Akita signs – for hanging outside or inside, featuring a message about your Akita.
  • Pre written messages – many different types of message are available regarding your Akita. As well as “beware of the dog” this may be “Akita on board” or a humorous message regarding your dog.
  • Personalised messages – it’s possible to personalise many of the signs and plaques on offer, such that you could record the name of your Akita or something similar.
  • Metal signs or plaques – many different types of metal are used for these signs, including brass and aluminium. Several come with messages about your Akita already printed on. Primarily designed for outdoor use.
  • Slate signs or plaques – also mainly designed to be used outdoors, the slate Akita signs usually come pre-drilled and with their own screws for hanging up.
  • Security signs – based on the yellow warning signs you often see in car parks or construction sites, these are usually placed outside to warn intruders that you have an Akita.
  • Comedy signs – can be combined with a warning message, this type of sign indicates you have a sense of humour about your Akita.
  • Memorial signs – often personalised with the name of your departed Akita.

Benefits of Dog Signs

  • Security – makes people aware you have an Akita, which may deter unwanted visitors.
  • Comedy – can display a sense of humour about your Akita and your relationship to it.
  • Memorial – allows you to pay tribute to your departed Akita.

Caring for your Dog Sign or Plaque

  • Washing – most signs of any material can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Polishing – the metal signs, such as the brass ones, may benefit from polishing in order to look their best.
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